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The Top 5 Unique Experiences In Mauritius

The Top 5 Unique Experiences In Mauritius Feature
Previously I have shared my experience while visiting Italy.  But now the outbreak of COVID-19 has changed lifestyles as we all know it. International travel is suspended till similar note and nations are heightening restrictions – one at a time […]

The Top 5 Unique Experiences In Mauritius

Previously I have shared my experience while visiting Italy.  But now the outbreak of COVID-19 has changed lifestyles as we all know it. International travel is suspended till similar note and nations are heightening restrictions – one at a time going into lock-down to try to tackle the virus. This is an unsettling time for communities the world over as we adapt to lifestyles inside our own 4 walls, but we are assured that the future of travel is vivid. Once this has passed, humans will tour with enormous gratitude. One component we recognize is that even as we all adapt to life at home, reading and inspiration is going to be essential in maintaining us linked to the global.

We want to begin with the aid of highlighting one of the most beautiful islands inside the Indian Ocean – Mauritius! From suitable mountain landscapes and total water-based activities to rum tasting and golfing, the paradisiacal island is the appropriate luxury getaway. Sharing my top 5 unique experiences in Mauritius.

The Top 5 Unique Experiences In Mauritius

While the island of Mauritius might seem like crystal blue waters and untouched white beaches – it’s such a whole lot more. Here are top 5 places of Mauritius. Let’s see!

Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel

Ebony Forest Reserve Chamarel Superwellnessblog

Ebony Forest is a rare location in Chamarel, especially in case you fancy a smash from the best looking seashores of Mauritius! With less than 2% local forest final in Mauritius, the Ebony Forest is a treasure for nature lovers and those wanting to get closer to the island’s indigenous species of flora and fauna and plant lifestyles. Once home to the Dodo, you could discover some of the remaining closing rare endemic birds, inclusive of the Mauritian Pink Pigeon and Flycatcher.

Hike the raised walkway and explore the beautiful endemic forest, seeing the Ebony timber and the on-going plant recovery work. Whether you want to bypass some time in a stunning landscape, search for silence or revel in breath-taking perspectives from Sublime Point, the Ebony Forest leaves a great deal to be discovered.

Seven Coloured Earths

Seven Coloured Earths Superwellnessblog

Closely located to the Rum distillery, you may also find the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel. These are dunes made from seven unique herbal colors! This phenomenon attracts site visitors from all around the world as the sand ripples with shade. It is a magical enjoy and highlight, even as in Mauritius. The rains have carved thrilling shapes into the hillside, creating this high-quality impact that visitors have visible since the 1960s.

The adequate time to go to is just earlier than sunrise or around sunset because of the artistic display of color and light. Geologists are still fascinated by multi-colored dunes made of reds, purples, and yellows—the colors in no way fade, notwithstanding the rainfall. After a visit to the dunes, you may go to the close by Chamarel Waterfall, which is the very best waterfall in Mauritius and the most iconic on the island.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Rum Distillery

Rhumerie De Chamarel Rum Distillery Superwellnessblog

When you consider rum, it’s clear to imagine yourself sitting at a beachfront bar in the Caribbean, sipping on a cocktail, which boasts ambitious and delicious flavors. But did you understand the tiny island of Mauritius is also a holiday mecca for rum tasting! In the center of a fertile valley, within the Southern, a part of the island lies Rhumerie de Chamarel. Located 300 meters above sea level, this neighborhood rum distillery is one of the few locations that grow sugarcane and distill it in the same place.

When you book the rum excursion, you’ll get to pattern eight exceptional sorts from vanilla, coffee, tangerine, and coconut! You can reserve a table for a late lunch at the Rhumerie de Chamarel and revel in the rum trip. Or, if you do not need to eat, you can purchase a ticket and take the trip by itself.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Ile Aux Cerfs Superwellnessblog

Located at the East Coast of the island, Ile Aux Cerfs is an islet spread over 87 hectares of undeveloped land, surrounded by beautiful white sandy seashores and an abundance of warm crystal clear blue waters. It is home to one of the most beautiful golf publications within the international, the distinguished Ile Aux Cerfs Golf Club, curated through mythical pro-golfer, Bernhard Langer. At Ile Aux Cerfs, you can spend memorable times traveling the island and serene lagoons.

The coral reef is beautiful and complete of marine lifestyles, an ideal area for diving, and to enjoy the underwater international of Mauritius! You can either lease a non-public velocity boat or join a catamaran excursion with a delicious BBQ lunch and live song on the beach.

Port Louis

Port Louis- unique experiences in Mauritius Superwellnessblog

If you may split yourself distant from the peace that Mauritius is renowned for, head into the capital of the island, Port Louis. It is a busy vicinity full of existence, color, and fascinating history. Developed by the French from the mid-18th century, Port Louis still keeps the French structure and colonial buildings of the past. Wet up the hustle and bustle on the ‘Bazar Port Louis, ’ which changes to the Market of Port Louis.

The first thing you are aware of getting into the marketplace is the awesome smells of exotic spices, tropical culmination, and tasty street food, where a mixture of ethnicity, African, Chinese, Indian and French, blend for a very unique, Creole cuisine. Don’t omit the bite-sized samosas with smooth tamarind sauce, washed down with fresh pineapple and lime juice!

So these are all about the top 5 unique experiences in Mauritius I’ve experienced.

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