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How to Make Yourself Cry

how to make yourself cry
Crying is a sign of weakness, and it shows incompetence is a big myth! Growing up we have been severely encouraged not to cry, thinking it shows us as weaklings. But in reality, crying is a natural response to our […]

Crying is a sign of weakness, and it shows incompetence is a big myth! Growing up we have been severely encouraged not to cry, thinking it shows us as weaklings. But in reality, crying is a natural response to our emotions, similar to sleeping when the body needs rest. How to make yourself cry?

Everyone needs to cry and should cry regardless of gender difference and age factor because it has relieving effects on the body. Tears can give you a great sense of relief from stress, calm emotions, and cleanse the eyes among other benefits.

Tears can enhance your mood and soothe you.!! 

If you can’t cry at all, you might have a tough time going through your own emotions, and you could also find it problematic to hang out with others. It is quite normal to feel difficulty in letting out what’s inside you. Sometimes crying can be a crucial deal to help you deal with whatever pain you have inside. 

Does Crying Heal?

Undoubtedly!! Crying is the body’s natural way to not only reduce emotional pain but also process it. Shedding tears releases  chemicals that give you soothing effects and turns your mood up. Studies have found out that oxytocin and endorphins which are soothing and relaxing hormones are released when we cry. Tears do not break you but strengthen you in various ways. Therefore it is essential to get to know how to make yourself cry.

Is Provoking Tear Beneficial?

Tears are worthy ingredients of your physical and mental health. Tears calm your depressed soul and broken body. There is no issue in making yourself cry sometimes, as crying is a sort of therapy. Tears are a free tool for self-cleansing that gives your eyes a more detailed view and a brand new perspective of life. 

Numbing your sadness means, you stop your sadness from killing your pleasure and joy. Hence, let your emotions out either in the form of words or tears. 

What? It’s been so long, and you haven’t cried? Alright, I will tell you the many ways of how to make yourself cry, whatever the reason may be.

Thus, Get, Set, and Relax!

I will tell you plenty of exciting yet healthy ways for how to make yourself cry with real tears!! Just stay here with us!! What you have to do, follow these fruitful ways these will assist in getting to know how to make yourself cry real tears. Soon, crying a lot will become a delicious cookie for you.

Find a comfortable place to get your emotions out

Since childhood, we have been listening to the command:, “Do not cry,” “Keep your feelings inside you.” That is why when we grow up, we feel reluctant to cry. We prefer to fight the battle inside us instead of shedding tears; this is a highly inappropriate lifestyle. It can make you an unsatisfied and a depressed soul, forever.

Now it is time to get rid of this attitude as I am going to tell you how to make yourself cry to relieve your stress and pain. Close your eyes, and put a hand on your heart, and to think about the most comfortable and dear place to you. Just go there to spend some time. Now you are alone, with no shyness and no peer pressure. Cozy feelings of the site will give you a sense of warmth, and your emotions will automatically come out.

Turn on sad music

turn sad music

If you ask someone how to make yourself cry  then you will get a self-evident answer, listen to sad music. Yeah, a beneficial strategy to let your painful feelings out. Sad music can burst you in tears and would give you peace of the heart and soul. Songs have dual power, can bring a smile on your face, and meanwhile can make you cry bitterly.

Music is the food of the soul that can soothe your emotions and elevate your mood. According to research insert source, if you cry on sad music, it produces a sense of joy and pleasure in you. Sad lyrics will make you lean into tragic experiences. The thought of these experiences will give you pain, and in the end, tears will rollover your cheeks. Brimming tears will let you process and experience your true feelings.

Proved beneficial?? If not, even then no worries. Scroll down and take a ride of more ways to make you cry: 

Talk to yourself

talk to yourself

Self-conversation is very beneficial; it can make you drill yourself like a psychologist and therapist. No one knows what is bothering you actually except you and yourself. Therefore, recall your miseries, bring your tough time to mind, and think about what is making you barren inside. This reasoning will recollect your frustration, pain, sadness, and anger that will make you helpless, and you will automatically burst into real tears.

Make a habit of talking to yourself as well as fix things by yourself. You are your hero and mentor!! Strengthen yourself by figuring out your stress and pain by yourself. How to make yourself cry when you are depressed is an integral point. However, realizing your worth is much more crucial and important..

Watch movies that have made you cry in the past

Now it is time to watch the movie, season, or commercial which made you cry in the past. It is a fact that a picture or scene can be worth more than thousands of words. Therefore, you may find any scene or character which is very relatable and make you cry. Many times you get upset when you see others falling in the same critical situation as you are. It can make you more emotional and can turn your dried eyes into real tears. 

Look back on your most traumatic memories

looking back

Many times we are entangled in a phase where miseries surround us for longer than we can imagine. As a result, we become depressed in the soul s and tired in the body. When tragedies hit us in a long series, we become indifferent even from ourselves besides this; we do not bother to cry at our bad luck. 

Getting tears is a blessing, and we are not always blessed enough to realize it. Often our emotions keep damaging us inside, but we pretend to ourselves to be like a brave lion. We have injured lions. Falling into tears is very important for your health; otherwise, your shattered emotions will give you disastrous consequences.

Calling back your sad moments is also a better way to make yourself cry. It could be breakups, deaths of close ones, or times you felt hurt by someone dear to you. Many times your tragic experiences of the past leave a dark impression in your mind and heart. Hence, when you recollect them, the harsh reality makes you fall into tears.

Hope!! These all factors will prove pretty advantageous for you but if still, you are helpless in this regard then take patience. I will introduce some more ways that will assist you in getting to know how to make yourself cry

Read heart-wrenching books

Crying is one of the best therapies for human beings. When you cry, you pour your feelings out, and happiness comes towards you after that.

Reading a sad story will eventually help you to let go of the painful emotion inside you. 

If you provoke your emotions by reading novels, then it will help you understand the sentiment even better. Trust me, and then crying will not be an issue for you because you will develop your strong connection with your feelings and emotions, and that is the key.

First, write down and then read your distressing thoughts

There are massive ways to make yourself cry physically, but these methods do not help to give you relief or tranquility. You can use onions, yawn for a longer duration, or you may open your eyes wide for some minutes to bring fake tears in your eyes. 

 Therefore, if the mind wanders off on how to make yourself cry with real tears, then start writing down your feelings. Once you are done with writing, then read it over and over. Everyone wants to get their wishes as quickly as possible. We all want to drive our dream cars, but whenever things happen in contrast to our imagination, we get annoyed and helpless—the moment when you read your miseries, you will start crying in the very next second. 

Gossip with the people you trust most


Shyness is a big hurdle to live freely and excitedly. Most of the time, you feel so many boundaries to share your messy with others, but many times when you feel sad or excited a name pops up in your mind. Give value to that person, go and attend him. Kick all your mess out to refresh yourself, be free to cry on his/her shoulders.

People who are dear to you are your real power. Do not hesitate to go and visit those people in person. Let all your worries pour out in front of them. Sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pat us, and some words to console us. Hence, a close intimate friend can motivate you, comfort you, and can offer their shoulder when you need it most. Your trustworthy friends also know many other methods to relieve distress. 

When you converse with people of your interest and taste, then you will feel comfortable with them and frankly share all of your issues with them. 

Pay gratitude to the things you like the most


Experiencing and processing our feelings is a very normal part of life. Sometimes many remarkable and adorable things happen with you while on the other hand, you encounter failures and mistakes. Both are elementary and primary things that we all experience.

The moment you acknowledge the happiness of your life and start living them, then you become victorious. Acknowledgment leads you towards gratitude, and gratitude enhances your blessings and comfort. When you find yourself surrounded by countless benefits, then you have tears of thankfulness in your eyes. These tears give you a strong direction of your destination and a successful goal in your life. Yes, do consider tears of gratitude, a sigh of relief, and a cry of joy!! 

The Bottom Line

Every person is born with the ability to feel emotions. It could be sadness, loss, grief, envy, jealousy, or pain. If you learn to express and convey your true feelings in an appropriate way, then you will turn into a great and strong personality. Many fake ways can bring water to your eyes as actors do, but real tears can change your worse state of body and mind into a cheerful and delighted mode. 

Bear in mind always that crying is not a display of weakness, it can have great therapeutic effects on your body and soul. It is important to use tears to ease your pains and let out your hurt. Trust me on this, you will feel relieved of that burden after you let yourself shed that tear in peace. 

Effie Brown

Effie Brown is an article writer and freelancer. She completes her graduation in marketing, but she always has an interest in phycology. So, later she starts writing about human psychology and mindfulness.

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