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Can Vitamin C Protect You from COVID-19?

Can Vitamin C Protect You From Covid 19 Feature
You may additionally have observed the diet C section of the supplement aisle looking bare these days or seen the arguments on social media that vitamin C can assist with COVID-19 or coronavirus. Can vitamin C protect you from COVID-19? […]

You may additionally have observed the diet C section of the supplement aisle looking bare these days or seen the arguments on social media that vitamin C can assist with COVID-19 or coronavirus. Can vitamin C protect you from COVID-19?

While physicians and researchers are analyzing the consequences of high dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C on the new coronavirus, no supplement, which includes nutrition C, can save you or treat COVID-19.

This article evaluates what diet C is, how it impacts immunity, how it’s being attempted for COVID-19 treatment, and whether or not taking an oral supplement is beneficial.

What is vitamin C?

Can Vitamin C Protect You from COVID-19?


Vitamin C is a vital nutrient with numerous roles in your frame. It’s a mighty antioxidant, meaning it could neutralize volatile compounds on your body, referred to as free radicals, and help save you or opposite cellular damage due to these compounds.

It’s additionally involved in some of the biochemical processes, many of which are associated with immune fitness.

The Daily Value for Vit C is 90 mg per day, however, breastfeeding ladies need an extra 30 mg, and smoker people want a further 35 mg in line with day.

It’s quite easy to satisfy your nutrition C needs through your diet so long as you devour a lot of culmination and vegetables. For example, a single medium orange gives 77% of the DV, and 1 cup (one hundred sixty grams) of cooked broccoli offers 112% of the DV.

How does it affect immunity?

How Does It Affect Immunity

Vitamin C impacts your immune fitness in several ways. Its antioxidant hobby can lower irritation, which may also assist improve your immune function. Vitamin C also keeps your pores and skin healthful with the aid of boosting collagen production, assisting the pores and skin serve as a purposeful barrier to hold dangerous compounds from entering your body. Vitamin C inside the skin can additionally sell wound healing.

The nutrition also boosts the activity of phagocytes, immune cells that can “swallow” harmful microorganisms, and different particles. Besides, it promotes the boom and unfolds of lymphocytes, a type of immune cell that will increase your circulating antibodies, proteins that can attack foreign or dangerous substances to your blood.

In studies of its effectiveness against viruses that induce the common cold, vitamin C doesn’t appear to make you any less likely to get chilly. However, it can assist you in getting over a cold quicker and making the signs less extreme.

There are also a few proofs from animal research and case studies in human beings that high doses of IV vitamin C can lessen lung inflammation in extreme respiratory illnesses because of H1N1 (“swine flu”) or other viruses.

However, these doses have been some distance above the DV, and there are now not enough studies to support the use of excessive dose diet C for lung inflammation at this time. You shouldn’t take high doses of nutrition C supplements — even orally — because they can motive facet results like diarrhea.


Vitamin C is a vital nutrient located in fruit and veggies that may also assist in shortening the duration and severity of colds. High doses are being analyzed for their potential to decrease lung inflammation, but greater studies are needed.

Vitamin C and COVID-19

Vitamin C And Covid 19

In an article published within the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases, the Shanghai Medical Association endorsed the usage of excessive dose diet C as a remedy for hospitalized people with COVID-19.

Doses which can be magnitudes higher than the DV are advocated to be given through IV to improve lung features, which may additionally help preserve an affected person off of mechanical air flow or life support.

Additionally, a 2019 review determined that both oral and IV high dose nutrition C treatment might also aid people admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) for essential illnesses by means of decreasing ICU stay length by 8% and reducing the duration of mechanical airflow by way of 18.2%.

Chinese researchers have also registered a scientific trial to similarly take a look at the effectiveness of IV vitamin C in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

However, it’s essential to be aware that nutrition C isn’t but a standard a part of the remedy plan for COVID-19 because the evidence is still lacking.

Though excessive dose IV nutrition C is currently being examined to see if it may improve lung characteristics in humans with COVID-19, no proof suggests that excessive doses of oral nutrition C dietary supplements can help with the disease. In fact, they could cause complications like diarrhea.


High dose IV, vitamin C, has been tried in China to assist improve lung characteristics in human beings with COVID-19. However, diet C’s effectiveness continues to be being tested. There’s no evidence to confirm the use of vitamin C supplements orally for COVID-19.

Do you want to Supplement?

Do You Want To Supplement

Currently, no proof supports the use of oral diet C supplements to prevent COVID-19.

Vitamin C may also help shorten the span and severity of colds because of various viruses; however, this is no guarantee that it’s going to have the same result as the coronavirus.

Additionally, vitamin C is water-soluble nutrition. It dissolves in water, which means that extra quantities aren’t stored for your body but as an alternative eliminated through your urine. Taking extra vitamin C does not imply that your body is absorbing greater.

High dose nutrition C supplements may also even motivate diarrhea, as they could sign your body to pull water out of the body cells and into your digestive tract.

Moreover, even though excessive dose vitamin C seems promising for COVID-19 remedy, these doses had been exceptionally high and given via IV — no longer taken orally. Additionally, it was the simplest given in cases severe enough to require hospitalization.

Your guess is to eat an eating regimen that’s full of loads of fruits and greens, which naturally offer all the nutrition C a wholesome individual needs — at the side of many different vitamins and antioxidants.

Choosing a supplement

If you do pick to take a vitamin C compliment, it’s crucial to pick out one that’s excessive-quality and to make the perfect dose.

While supplements are regulated with the aid of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they aren’t held to the same protection standards as pharmaceuticals. Thus, it’s essential to purchase dietary supplements from respectable companies.

Some third-party organizations, inclusive of NSF International, ConsumerLab, and United States Pharmacopeia (USP), take a look at dietary supplements for purity and label accuracy. You may additionally need to select a diet C supplement that has been examined with the aid of any such companies.

Additionally, the Upper Limit (UL) for supplemental vitamin C — the amount maximum people can consume every day without adverse outcomes — is 2,000 mg.

Most nutrition C dietary supplements provide a daily dose of anywhere from 250–1,000 mg, so it may be clean to exceed the UL if you no longer care. Be sure to study the packaging and take the best of the encouraged dose to keep away from complications.

Vitamin C can also interfere with chemotherapy, radiation treatments, or cholesterol-lowering drugs.

That said when utilized in scientific settings treating critically ill patients, very excessive dose diet C treatments are secure and not associated with vast facet-outcomes.

If you’ve got any issues approximately diet C supplements, you must seek advice from your healthcare provider before including it for your routine.


There’s no evidence that nutrition C dietary supplements help save you COVID-19. In fact, high doses are likely just excreted through your urine. If you do supplement, pick a product tested by way of a 3rd party and don’t take more than 2,000 mg consistent with the day.

The bottom line

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that maintains your immune machine functioning properly. According to a file announced by the Shanghai Medical Association, extreme dose IV diet C can also develop lung capacity in hospitalized people with COVID-19.

However, there’s no evidence that oral vitamin C supplements will assist deal with or prevent COVID-19. To get lots of immune-strengthening vitamin C to your weight-reduction plan, make sure you’re eating a variety of results and vegetables.

Though there’s presently no remedy for COVID-19, preventive measures like social distancing and proper hygiene can help guard you against developing the disease. 

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