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7 Reasons to Travel Sri Lanka

7 Reasons To Travel Sri Lanka Feature
Sri Lanka is a tropic, predominantly Buddhist island country situated just 20 miles off the end of southern India. It is relatively populated, with the most effective 20 million humans, and it has a genteel lifestyle and beautiful scenery that […]

7 Reasons To Travel Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropic, predominantly Buddhist island country situated just 20 miles off the end of southern India. It is relatively populated, with the most effective 20 million humans, and it has a genteel lifestyle and beautiful scenery that makes it well worth a visit. It is one in every of the most unique and most rewarding destinations for the adventurous Asia traveler. Know 7 reasons to travel Sri Lanka. 

Reasons to Travel Sri Lanka:

Here’s why:

  1. Sri Lanka’s curry cuisine is mythical

When most human beings consider curry, they think of India. That’s mostly due to the fact India has over a billion human beings and lots of immigrants who open lots of restaurants in Western countries. Sri Lanka’s countrywide dish is called “curry and rice” – a kaleidoscopic mixture of amazing curries (like cashew curry and coconut-chile-lime relish) that hit every taste middle to your palette. The curries in Sri Lanka are based totally on coconut milk and seafood is pretty popular. Sri Lanka food is honestly over-the-top delicious. Think something like a cross between India and Thai meals… but still wholly particular.

  1. Sri Lanka is a low-key religious “power center.”

Sri Lanka Is A Low Key Religious Power Center

The cultural capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy, may be very much a spiritual power center. It features a big lakeside temple that houses the Lord Buddha’s tooth. Kandy features many low-key meditation facilities that attract serious seekers from across the world. The spiritual scene is refreshingly distinct from the ashrams in India, some of which tend to attract vacationers and con men.

  1. Sri Lanka has excellent seashores on the Subcontinent

Sri Lanka Has Excellent Seashores On The Subcontinent

From the world-magnificence surf breaks at Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay to the chill white sandy paradises along jap Sri Lanka’s shoreline…. Sri Lanka has fantastic seashores and coral reefs to explore, and many reasonably priced huts and resorts to match any flavor or budget.

  1. Sri Lankans are one of the world’s friendliest and maximum of hospitable people

The Sri Lankan humans, just like the Tibetans and Malagasy of Madagascar, are legendary for their hospitality, friendliness, and exact cheer. They are jovial folks that like to socialize, snack, and sit back out as a whole lot as possible. During my first few days inside the country, I had my “defend up,” and I was suspicious as to why the people had been so lovely… nearly suspiciously “too nice.” It fast dawned on me. I have enjoyed the rest of my tour very much!

  1. Sri Lanka is famed for its unusual jewels, fruits, and spices

Sri Lankan soil turns up several pleasant diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in Asia. It has an infinite type of tropical fruits to revel in like rambutan, mangosteen, durian, and lychee. And it’s far from a spice paradise, the place of origin for cinnamon and cardamom. Sri Lanka is the homeland to many “treasures” to please the feelings.

  1. Sri Lankan lifestyle is delightfully eclectic

Sri Lanka is a place where Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Muslims live together in peace and harmony. It changed into colonized by way of the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British – who imparted several European customs that have been followed with ordinary twists by the natives. You can discover weird outsized masks, wild tribal dances with fire consuming and backflips, syrupy sweet pop songs that sound like reggae, and 11-story Buddhist temples whose partitions are painted with religious testimonies in comic ebook format.

  1. Sri Lanka nonetheless has “unexplored” frontiers

There was a horrible civil war among a Tamil sepratist group in the north, and Singhalese inside the south that mercifully ended in 2009 while the terrorist leader changed into killed by using the Sri Lankan army. Since then, there has been real peace in Sri Lanka, and plenty of former “off-limits” regions of the North and Eastern coast can now be visited. These are pristine places with no inns or vacationer infrastructure, so get there soon and experience them while they are still pure!

Previously I was sharing my experience about local Cambodian culture on bamboo Island. but Sri Lanka is honestly paradise.

Stuart Goldstein

Stuart Goldstein is a content writer, traveler, and podcast host. He has already traveled to more than 40+ countries in the world. He loves to make trips to various places. He writes more than 100 contents on traveling.

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