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7 Minute Workout For Beginners

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The idea of compressing a normal 30-40 minutes work out to just seven minutes can be a smart and easy move for work out professionals. But for beginners, the minutes will feel like a lifetime quest. Besides, the regular work […]

The idea of compressing a normal 30-40 minutes work out to just seven minutes can be a smart and easy move for work out professionals. But for beginners, the minutes will feel like a lifetime quest. Besides, the regular work out that is done by these experts will require so many efforts which beginners might not be able to pour out when starting. 

However, it is still very possible to do a 7 minute workout for beginners as some major strategies have been invented. In this article, you would see a list of workout exercises that you can try as a beginner. Also, you would get enlightened on the various benefits of these workouts to your health and answers to frequently asked questions. Ready or not? Let’s start exercising.

How 7 Min Workout Works  

The purpose of this form of workout is to save time without comprising efficiency, and this is exactly the package to expect in this form of workout. With consistency, these small seven minutes will cause drastic positive changes to your body. 

This 7 min workout functions in a way that puts the muscles in your upper body, lower body, and core to work, which helps balances your overall fitness. With the use of a 7 minute workout app, the exercises will be well-timed to produce good results over time. Though, the number of exercises compiled to form the 7 minutes varies from one 7 min workout app to another. Yet, the number of exercises will not exceed 12 because of the rest time in between the exercises. 

Unlike the regular gym exercises that need the help of equipment and trainers, this workout is exclusively independent. You would need an intentional act of discipline to set out the seven minutes every day to work it out. Moreover, you having to make the call to action with your app, makes it more fun and helps you balance your everyday life routine well. 

Now, the question many have been wanting to ask is “what exercises are there in this 7 minute workout for beginners?”

The 7 Minute Workout Exercises For Beginners

Although, there are so many exercises that can be seen in any 7 minute workout either on the app or on YouTube yet you can do some modifications to suit your beginner status. Out of the many you would see elsewhere, these 12 are recommended for beginners. 

1) Wall Sit 

Wall Sit

This exercise doesn’t need any equipment that isn’t already available in your home, which is a wall. You need to find yourself a balanced wall to perform this exercise, which wouldn’t even exceed more than 30seconds. The idea is to act as though you are sitting on a chair with your thigh at a 90 degree to your calves. If done properly, you will feel stretched in your lower body, and that is perfect for strengthening your legs. More so, your glutes will be further stable and ready to move up and down your stairs without getting tired easily.

2)Lunge and Twisting 

Lunge and Twisting 

Some 7 min workout app might include the lunge without having to twist, but these two go well to giving you balance in your lower body. You would have to stretch out one leg and slightly make the other relax down to do the lunge. For the twist, your upper body will have to bend to the side while leaving your leg position intact. You can get visual illustrations on how this is done by checking any 7 minute workout YouTube video. This will serve as a guide to avoiding making mistakes during the exercise.

3) Squats 


The squats are pretty straightforward but will require some modification to assist beginners to get a proper grip on this exercise. The concept is just like the wall sit, but you wouldn’t need a wall to actualize it. All you need to do is go down just like the wall sits with your arms straight to your front to help balance your movement as you go up and down. Don’t worry, you will get done with it in 30 seconds and have enough time to gather strength for the next exercise. 

4) Jumping  Jacks 

Jumping  Jacks 

This exercise works for the whole of your body. If you want to build your muscular endurance, cardiovascular health and to also burn some calories, the jumping jacks exercise is your best bet. The posture to take in this exercise is that if a person skipping with a rope. Your arms will be lifted as you jump, and it will return as you come down. If it is difficult to lift your body as a beginner, you can try to do some jogging before going into the jumping exercise itself.

5) Side Crunches 

Side Crunches 

This is one great exercise you will surely find in any 7 minute workout app. You would need a mat that you can choose to use or not. The first thing to do is lie down flat with your knees bent in a fixed position. You might have to support your head with your hands before you attempt to raise your upper body either to the left or right. Make sure to avoid lifting your legs as you lift your back because that would forfeit the whole essence of the exercise. You can further see how it is done on 7 minute workout YouTube video.

6) Step-ups 


The step-ups just require an elevated surface, and you can probably make use of your staircase for the stepping. It helps your knee gain more stability and also to give your glutes more balance. This exercise is just what you need as a beginner even though it might be challenging at first, but when you get the hang of it, you would even increase your pace of stepping up and down. 

7) Flutter Kicks 

Flutter Kicks 

The flutter kick does not promise to be an easy one at the first trial but it is definitely among the list of 7 min workout for beginners you will find anywhere. With this exercise, your lower back will be more strengthened than ever before, and all you need to do is to throw your feet in the air.

First off, you have to lie on your back and raise your legs slightly above the ground at any degree you can go(just because you are just starting). Then you will be lifting those legs at intervals and returning them to the same spot it was elevated before. One quick hint to getting this exercise done easier is to try doing it with your arms just beneath your butt then you can move on from there. 

8) Bicycle Crunches 

Bicycle Crunches 

Your 7 minute workout will produce more results to your core with this exercise. It is just like the side crunches but with an extra advantage. The three main areas this exercise will boost is your stamina, posture, and abdominal muscle. You will be getting almost the same result as cycling with just a mat in your house.

The exercise is done with your body resting flat on a mat and your knees bent with your feet to the ground. The aim is to try to raise your leg to meet with your elbow, so you place your hands behind your head. This exercise could feel intense, but you can adjust it to your level of strength and make improvements as you continue.

9) Plank 


The plank exercise is one of the major 7 min workout exercises that helps in enhancing the core of the body which gives your body more endurance capability. It would be done in 30 seconds, but you need to prepare your mind for a very challenging time that would be rewarding. You won’t be needing assistance, but you would certainly be needing some cheering in the background to help you stay at that plank position for those seconds. All you have to do to achieve this exercise is to lie facing down with your toes and forearms keeping you above the ground. No extra work, just that exact position for the next 30 seconds, and you are on to the next one.

10) Dips 


This exercise is one of the simplest exercises for any beginner. You will need a bench or just a chair to do the dips. You will have to balance your hands as though you want to sit beneath the chair then go up and down. This will help to give your arms and shoulder enough strength and also put your core to work. You can also analyze any 7 min workout YouTube video that illustrates the dips to gain sufficient knowledge of how it works. 

11) Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

This exercise is the perfect remedy for keeping you free from back pain. You will surely see this exercise in any 7 min workout app because of its ease to beginners. With your back resting on the floor, knee bent, and your feet on the floor, the exercise posture is ready.

Your hips will be the most active part of this movement, as it will be raised up and down until the 30 seconds allotted has elapsed. Don’t forget to relax your hands on the floor to help you push your hip to a higher angle for more efficiency.

12) Push-ups 


No doubt, some push-ups can be hard for beginners, but there are basic ones that anyone can start with before going higher to doing the strenuous ones. In this exercise, you will be engaging your arms, core, and toes. You will first have to gently lie with your arms and toes holding your body up. To make it easy for you, you should spread out your hands to help keep your body balanced before the movement.

Also, make sure you don’t arc your back for whatever reason at all. Then start the movement of going down and up. Remember, If this exercise is done without any mistake, you will be working your muscles, core, and overall body to fitness.

Note that not all these exercises will be in one 7 minute workout app, but these 12 will not be missed out for the beginner level in every app. 

Frequently asked questions on 7- minutes workout 

1) Is this type of workout good for those with underlying health conditions? 

Well, the answer to it would be a conditional yes. It is not a bad idea for those who are currently having some illnesses to do 7 minute workout for beginners, but it could result in something unpleasant if these three things do not precede the workout: 

i) A recommendation from a doctor on the type of workout to do 

ii) Employment of a health supervisor(physiotherapist or trainer) to monitor the workout routines. 

iii) A regular or constant checkup structure to determine the effect of this workout. 

If these three points have been completely satisfied, then this workout is totally fine for those with health issues.  

2) How frequently should 7 min workout be done? 

According to Chris Jordan, He advised that this form of workout is best done in three days, with about 2-3 circuits per day. In this way, you will be able to amount for the weekly workout requirement time to give sufficient results. 

3) Can 7 min workout comprise all the needed workout exercise? 

Yes, it can! What you need is just the right 7 minute workout app that comprises of all the exercises you need for your total body fitness. With a good app, your fitness journey will become easier and quicker than you can ever imagine.


So you see, the 7 minute workout for beginners is not just achievable, but it is also rewarding. All you have to do is get a 7 min workout app from any play store online for free and start building up your way to fitness. Don’t forget you can also catch more exposure on how to do it better with any 7 min workout YouTube video. No doubt, exercising just got better. 


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