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10 Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditating

10 Ways To Clear Your Mind Without Meditating Feature
Meditation is a simple, effortless procedure for a few—but can experience like a daunting undertaking for others. With the nicely-touted physical and emotional benefits of meditation, it’s a shame that so many people are daunted with the aid of it. […]

Meditation is a simple, effortless procedure for a few—but can experience like a daunting undertaking for others. With the nicely-touted physical and emotional benefits of meditation, it’s a shame that so many people are daunted with the aid of it. See the 10 ways to clear your mind without meditating.

The true information is that there are numerous ways to cultivate mindfulness that doesn’t contain a formal, seated meditation exercise. If you’re a person who is craving for the positions but can’t get over the hump of starting a practice of meditation, begin with a few alternative exercises or activities. While the proven blessings have been researched and studied with a greater formal seated meditation exercise, it doesn’t suggest that focusing your attention on other methods can’t assist you in relaxing your frame and cleaning your thoughts.

10 Ways to Clear Your Mind Without Meditating

Here are some non-traditional approaches to practice mindfulness.

Play Music

Play Music

Playing track has continually been my go-to innovative outlet. I play guitar and sing; however, through the years, I’ve dabbled with many different gadgets, and they’ve all offered me factors of mindfulness. I would say that in case you aren’t severe or talented with a tool, it’d serve you even higher as a mindfulness exercising, due to the fact you don’t have an objective to improve. Your only aim is to play.

If you already play a tool, you understand what to do: spend some time with it and zone the entirety else out. Make this a session in mindfulness, instead of getting fit at a track or writing something new that others might enjoy. In other phrases, don’t attempt to perfect your Canon in D, but instead, play something you recognize and don’t ought to think about or play around with smooth scales and progressions.

If you don’t already play a device, pick out up this type of units that require little to no knowledge to start messing around:

  • Hand drum or Djembe
  • Kalimba
  • Maracas
  • Singing Bowl
  • Gong
  • Your voice. (There’s a purpose why singing in the shower is so fun — it feels right.)

My favorite private tool that requires zero skills is the Kalimba, an African instrument generally produced from a coconut shell and 5-8 metallic keys. It becomes meditative, and there is no manner you may make a mistake. Ukuleles are also a laugh gadget to choose up even if you have no experience with the tune. They only have four cords, and the strings have a tendency to be softer given that they’re nylon, and so easier to your fingers. Learn more than one strumming pattern and some chords, and you’ll be appropriate to your manner of playing the mini string instrument.

Remember, the cause isn’t to wow an audience — it’s to focus your interest in creating rhythm, melody, and sound.

Go for a Hike

Go For A Hike

Nature and exercise are each prescribed for progressed fitness and proper-being. Henry David Thoreau made a fine point when he said that he had taken a walk inside the woods and got there out taller than the trees. It’s due to the fact nature feels top. It nourishes the frame, thoughts, and spirit. Combine them, and what you perceive is time well spent. Countless poems were written, and studies have been published about the blessings of nature and the sheer awe and magic that it could offer.

Find a hike close to you. Try searching AllTrails to discover a new route. As you hike, bring recognition on your breath as you move. Notice the sensations in your body, study how your heart fee will increase on the hills, and see your calves engage as you descend.

Notice each element of your surroundings: the colors, flora and fauna, any animals you pass, the rhythm and tempo of your movements, and your toes as they cyclically hit the floor.

Take it all in without distraction.

Watch a Sunset

Watch A Sunset

For me, there is not an extra gift feeling than looking at the sun and saying good-bye for the day. Aside from its innate beauty, the sunset is likewise a fantastic reminder that each and every day offers us a brand new cease and a brand new beginning.

Get lost inside the colorful colors and spirit of the sundown, and take Mother Nature’s advice that the relaxation of your to-do list can wait until morning.

Work in the Garden

Work In The Garden

While it might be smooth to blast tune whilst you plant your petunias, try to domesticate a quiet, mindful kingdom of being as you work in the garden. My mother doesn’t meditate; however, she is continuously pulling weeds, strategizing at the quality seasonal vegetable to plant, and nourishing her eggplant, Swiss chard, and cilantro. This is her mindfulness practice.

If you could maintain the track off and your thoughts centered on taking note of what you’re doing inside the garden — the sensations of your hands inside the dirt, the breeze throughout your face, the scent of the incoming basil, and your breath as you circulate, you can turn your gardening time into a mindfulness practice.



Put on some trans or ambient song without words, close your eyes, and allow your body to transport freely.

Try utilizing an open space like the yard, living room, and dance like no one’s looking due to the fact, nicely; no one’s looking. And it feels suitable.



Many humans discover their manner of meditation and mindfulness via yoga because it’s less difficult to pay attention at the physical frame first, and use that awareness to tame your monkey thoughts. Plus, it can be an incredible manner to get a few exercising, stretch your frame, and damage a sweat. It will also help to control your emotion and anger.

Allow your body and breath to steer your thoughts as you circulate from pose to pose. It also helps to make space for deep work.

Build a Campfire

Build A Campfire

Head to the seaside, a park, a campground, or purchase an outdoor hearth pit to construct your fireplace. Once built, take a seat near to the hearth (but not dangerously close,) and begin to watch the flames and observe the hearth via all your senses.

  • Watch: As you stare into the fireplace, look at the colorings, movement, direction, and dance of the flames.
  • Listen: See the crackling wood, the roaring flames of fire, and the wind interacting with your light.
  • Feel: Sense the heat to your face, your arms, and your chest. See that the body parts closest to the fireplace (regularly your knees, nose, and hands) are the warmest. If it’s cold out, word the comparison of your backside and front, as the fireplace heats you from front to back.

Allow the whole enjoyment to attract you as you song into your senses and far away from your lingering thoughts.


Color- ways to clear your mind without meditating

There’s a brand new craze within the world of mindfulness known as coloring for adults. The marketplace themselves is supplying hours of relaxation, pressure relief, innovative expression, and an aware nation of being. Plus, they sound fun. While I haven’t attempted it yet, I simply ordered this person coloring ebook and looked ahead to its arrival.


Bake- ways to clear your mind without meditating

Baking requires consciousness. You should observe the guidelines to a T, in any other case you can end up with a hard, burnt, inedible item when your circle of relatives is eagerly watching for banana bread.

Choose a recipe that you’ve in no way tried before, and one you could recollect complicated, make sure your components are out on the kitchen table (and ensure you’ve got them ALL; otherwise, your exercise in aware baking could quickly flip frazzled,) and start.

As you follow the stairs, be aware of your breath and the project at hand. When you blend the batter, turn the spoon or whisk slowly and mindfully, taking in the smells and adjustments in texture alongside the way. As you spread the mixture into the pan, take greater care in ensuring it’s even and smooth.

When your deal is ready, observe the steps at the end of this submit to devour mindfully, playing every morsel of your masterpiece.

Write a Note

ways to clear your mind without meditating

Choose a person in your lifestyles you admire and write them a handwritten note. Perhaps it’s to praise them for something they did, the kind of person they are, or maybe it’s for no purpose at all without informing them of the belongings you adore about them.

Before you begin writing, near your eyes and snap an image of this person inside the core of your mind, take some wide breaths. Notice what feelings come up if you have this person at the center of your thoughts.

Now jot down a listing of 5-10 things about this character — adjectives that highlight their talents, words that describe how they give you feel or how they’ve helped you, or something else that could make them experience suitable.

Now write them a note using your listing as fuel. If you want to get greater fancy, you may include a small gift of gratitude and hand supply it. Otherwise, you could ship it within the mail. Cultivating focus and appreciation can be useful tools in helping your mindfulness exercise. Plus, it will potentially make the day of this particular person in your lifestyle.

Effie Brown

Effie Brown is an article writer and freelancer. She completes her graduation in marketing, but she always has an interest in phycology. So, later she starts writing about human psychology and mindfulness.

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