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10 Minute Breath Meditation- A Complete Practical Guide

10 Minute Breath Meditation
Have you heard about breath meditation? And do you know how attentive respiration works? If you know nothing about this kind of meditation or just have limited knowledge, get ready to learn, and see how to achieve the massive result […]

Have you heard about breath meditation? And do you know how attentive respiration works? If you know nothing about this kind of meditation or just have limited knowledge, get ready to learn, and see how to achieve the massive result from breath meditation.

This 10 minute breath meditation guide will take you through the world of breath meditation that genuinely nourishes and gives you the peace you deserve. 

What is Breath Meditation? 

As the name already implies, Breath meditation is a form of meditation that involves an intentional focus on your breathing to meditate. First, you would have to be aware of every part of your body, contributing to your breathing. Those organs (nose, belly, chest), when entirely concentrated upon, will help give you the healing your body needs—healing in its totality! 

More so, this form of meditation can be achieved anywhere as you just have to breathe to get the meditation going. This means that you won’t have to bother yourself about getting any extra resources since you only need your breath to meditate. 

What best method(s) do I need to adopt to meditate like this? 

It is not just enough to know what breath meditation is, but how to go about it should be a significant focus. According to researches, the recommended form of breathing method would be from the belly and diaphragm. This is so because there are so many benefits of belly breathing for the body beyond relaxing the mind. 

belly breathing

The truth is everybody breathes through their belly, but most are not aware that this happens. Here is how to know- You can try lying face up with your hands on your belly. When you consciously observe the breathing (expansion and contraction) coming from that area, you would undoubtedly agree to this. So, the simple answer to this is that both your belly and diaphragm are a great asset to achieving effective breath meditation.

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of meditating with your breath are more rewarding than you can imagine. However, it might be inevitable to avoid stress because work and family might trigger it, but it is possible to walk out of it with meditation. These three benefits listed below are just a chip off the many benefits you stand to profit from this meditation form.  

Correction of Irregular Respiration 

You would have no choice than to bid farewell to any respiration patterns that are not regular to your body when you meditate this way. Breath meditation, which would not even take more than 10minutes, will temporarily correct these irregularities and give a final verdict never to return. 

Reduction in Anxiety 


The effect of anxiety in the body could be worse than some terminal illness sometimes. This is because it affects respiration and causes discomfort in the chest area, leading to something more intense. However, adopting the strategy of belly breathing meditation would help reduce this anxiety as quickly as it comes. 

Maintenance of Body Stability 

Your body deserves to be stable at all times, and breath medication is the way to go. If you can battle out anxiety, stress, and any other pain in the body, your entire body would be stable and ready to take on new tasks. All you need to achieve this is to breathe in and out from your belly consciously, and you can read on to find out how this can be done. 

How Do I Practice 10 Minute Breath Meditation

No doubt, you are already eager to start practicing this form of meditation, knowing its benefits. Well, your eagerness is a good start, but you must also need to consider the acknowledgment tip as you proceed. This simply means you need to consciously recognize and admit your pain or fears before any healing is guaranteed. Having done that, you can now proceed to go through these four steps of breath meditation practice while adding mindful practice to it. 

Step 1: Position yourself nicely

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A comfortable position will set the pace of enjoying this exercise. The best position advised is a snug position. In this position, you will feel your breathing more and connect with the process more intimately. Also, make sure your position is upright and in a suitable environment, avoid sleeping off, or getting distracted with another pain that wasn’t the focus. When you are comfortably settled in that position, move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Familiarize with the discomfort/Pain

Next off is the familiarization process. In this step, you need to do more than acknowledging the pain of giving close attention to it. This is somewhat like doing a checklist of where the pain is and noting where the pain is not. So, you would be intentionally scanning your whole body to know what you are feeling and highlight what you don’t feel also. 

In this stage, you would need to create a balance between focusing on the pain comfortably and staying awake. Why you need to do both is to prevent your comfort from causing you to sleep. Most people adopt some other methods to create this equilibrium, which is counting. Now, this strategy is an excellent way to keep you awake and prevent distractions. You are welcomed to try it out also if you feel it would work for you. 

Step 3: Feel your breath

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You won’t have to put pressure on how you breathe in this process. All that is required is to continue breathing as usual as before and make sure you will feel every bit of your breath.

In this step, your mindset is at alert to get nourished by your breath, necessitating you focusing on how your breathing is going. This is easier observed when you place one hand on your belly(stomach), and the other should relax on your heart. The magic happens when you just feel the presence of your arms on those places as you breathe. The feeling is all it takes to cause the change, and it requires a deep connection between your breath and body. If both of them are in alignment and you can sense it so profoundly, you can proceed to step four. 

Step 4: Start breathing 

As simple as this step might sound, you would need to note the following to make it worthwhile. Since breathing involves inhalation and exhalation, then these two processes would form the basis for this procedure. 

  • Inhalation

You would be reaching down into the depth of your body and getting a feel of every single breath that goes in. This is how the nourishment can be harnessed when you feel it closely like you can feel the breeze on your skin. Just focus on how it goes down and see how it nourishes your body with the oxygen going in. 

  • Exhalation 

Then take it all out slowly and gently; this indicates freedom as it truly is. It is like you giving expression to your very existence of having been born into the world. Make sure you feel the rhythm, nature, and all that you haven’t felt before. Let it all out as easy as it comes. 

  • Combining the process 

This is you doing the inhalation and exhalation simultaneously with the consciousness of how both ought to be done freely. Breathe in and out with a sense of belonging while ruminating on what you want to be included in the life you are a creating-the second life. In this process, you understand how nourishing your breath is, which is just the objective of it all. You can think about the strength you want to garner, the love you want to have, peace, acceptance, and the many beautiful things that make up your mental utopia. 

All these steps will help you navigate wisely as you engage in this medication. Still, you would have to look through these Dos and Don’ts that highlights some important things that would help the process work out fine. 

The Do’s and Dont’s of breath meditation 

  • Don’t run away from the situation 

Most people prefer to move away from the fears they feel because they believe they can’t stand it. They do so by taking long walks or going to a different location, which doesn’t solve anything. So, the first thing never to do when it comes to taking this meditation step is to run away from the pain. 

  • Do Embrace the Fears 

The opposite of running is coming closer, which can also mean embracing. Rather than trying to take it all out on your legs by the long walks, try the method of embracing those fears. It is when you embrace your fears that you can discover your heart and your deep-seated personality. No doubt, it would be a significant turning point for you. 

  • Do Exercise in a Conducive Environment

Your environment matters a lot to help you sense into your body more accurately. This is because if you are conscious of being disturbed, your mind will stop focusing on your breath to the imminent disturbance. You should get a relaxing environment that wouldn’t cause fear of any kind as you go through the exercise. 

  • Don’t distract Yourself

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You have to be very intentional about putting off everything that might distract the flow. More importantly, switch off your phone and don’t just put it on flight mode because the alarm could pop up. The aim is to set an atmosphere that relaxes and contributes to your awareness of one thing, which is your breath. 

Finally, understand that this exercise will help you truly discover your potential and who you are. So, take out time to do as often as possible with the aim of learning, getting fit, and also for your general soundness. By doing this, you would be showing yourself more love, which is what you deserve. Don’t also forget that all you need is to set out time to feel your body’s whole essence to unleash the real you, which is exceptional.  

Effie Brown

Effie Brown is an article writer and freelancer. She completes her graduation in marketing, but she always has an interest in phycology. So, later she starts writing about human psychology and mindfulness.

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